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July 14, 2022

Life Starts With Me

Life Starts With Me

Learning that life starts with me was a tough lesson


I have to hold myself accountable 


I have to set the example


I have to master my emotions if I ever want to tell someone how they can improve


Starting me was tough didn’t understand initially 


That it was some generational behavior that was being repeated


Constant fight or flight and I choose fight more often than not


Playing mind games because I didn’t want anyone knowing how I think


And even not attaching to people because I was in fear of loosing them or them dying 


All in all 


It made sense why I was in a moral dilemma and life wasn’t what I wanted to be 


Had people keep disrespecting me and crossing boundaries 


And I was growing crazy trying to manage


But when I found the right people to help me 


It all started to click 


Lead by example and everything follows


We often forget how much power we actually do have and 


How much control we have over our lives


If you are working toward learning more about yourself 


You got it, it takes time but you will get over the hard things 


You stop craving chaos and are okay with the boring life


I made it a priority to get better 


So I take it one day at a time