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Sept. 5, 2022

Episode 51 - How To Be A Unapologetic Man With Mark Sing

Episode 51 - How To Be A Unapologetic Man With Mark Sing

Mark Sing is a dating coach who specializes in working with entrepreneurs … peak performers … and ambitious men who haven’t quite figured out how to achieve success in dating. As an entrepreneur, he resonates with men who have a “growth mindset.” He uses Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help his clients disassociate the connection and create new connections to their inner thinking.

In this episode, Mark and I talk about how we can be more confident as men, growth, overcome the inner fat kid, change our paradigm, and so much more. We even talked about how we can set boundaries in being the best confident version of ourselves. We showed what it is like if you went through similar problems and tools to overcome adversity.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it's important to stay consistent
  • How to dominate in sales
  • How to be your most confident self
  • How to overcome what's stopping you
  • How to evolve as a human

Favorite Quote:

“Yeah. And in that episode, I was talking about how you need to generate emotions in women, because we make decisions based on emotions, particularly women, but also men, right? Like oftentimes our metaprograms what we talk about in an NLP dictate what emotional response we have to stimuli and therefore. We either get motivated or demotivated based on that programming, because your mind is a lot like a computer program. And those programs were given to you at an early age before you could defend yourself by parents, siblings, relatives, coaches, whatever. For example, I'm not enough. You shouldn't bother people.

I'm, I'm a $60,000 a year kind of guy. So you're gonna be a $60,000 a year kind of guy. So when we reprogram those programs, not only do we achieve what we want to achieve, but the emotional, underlying feeling behind our actions also change. And that's really imperative to change our” - Mark Sing

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