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Sept. 12, 2022

Episode 53 - It All Starts With Mindset and Self Mastery With Nick McGowan

Episode 53 - It All Starts With Mindset and Self Mastery With Nick McGowan

Nick has owned multiple companies, overdosed on heroin, been divorced, and made a comeback and thrived after each experience. He is open to sharing all about what he learned, and how he got through it. Nick is a true underdog and extraordinary leader who challenges himself to self-mastery. The Host of The Mindset and Self Mastery Show teaches us a bit about his journey.

Nick and I dive deep into diving into who you are and mastering ourselves. It is a continuous road but is worth it when you are able to have conversations with people who get it as Nick does. 

You’ll Learn:

  • How to become open with yourself
  • How to adapt to challenges
  • Why you need to challenge yourself
  • How to break out of the limited mindset
  • How to push out all the external negativity

Favorite Quote:

“Mental health-wise, you see it all through social media, at least maybe I do because you know, I'm in it. So I'm part of that algorithm as well. But I think there's a big push where. COVID in a sense that whole thing that happened, the silver lining in some ways allowed us to actually think about what's going on and being stuck within four walls and having to think through what do I want to do and what's actually happening.” - Nick McGowan

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