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Sept. 20, 2022

Episode 55 - Problem Solved Simple Habits For Complex Decisions With Sarah K Ramsey

Episode 55 - Problem Solved Simple Habits For Complex Decisions With Sarah K Ramsey

Sarah K. Ramsey is a Life strategist, relationship specialist, creative solution finder, and heart-centered problem solver. As a professional problem solver and relationship expert, Sarah helps people unravel complicated situations and complex personalities so they can move forward faster professionally and personally. Her work in coaching began in helping people unravel the confusion of high-conflict personalities and finding ways to work with people who were non-negotiators.

In this episode, I talk about actionable steps to overcome dealing with toxic people and how we can reframe situations in order to solve them. Sarah gives amazing analogies and shows us how we can make change in our own life.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to reframe situations to solve them
  • How to deal with toxic people
  • How you can change your outcomes by educating yourself
  • How to learn what to improve on
  • How to create proper boundaries

Favorite Quote:

“Somebody had somebody on the podcast recently and they called toxic people, non negotiators. And I was like, I love that term. Right? So non negotiators. So if anybody has seen my past work and it's like, what I thought this girl was like in toxic relationships, now she's talking about problem solving.” - Sarah K. Ramsey

Connect With Sarah

Website: https://sarahkramsey.com/

Books & Podcast: https://sarahkramsey.com/book/

Top Recommended Resources:

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