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The Winners Paradigm

About Founder and Owner

My name is Alundas Havens and I am a Marine Corps Veteran. I am originally from Fresno, CA and now reside an hour outside of San Diego, CA.

During my life I endured physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and created mental barriers to keep myself “safe” from the world.

What I didn’t know is that I trapped myself into a box where I had limited beliefs and didn’t understand simple life concepts.

As I got older and bounced from friend's house to friend's house I began to think that maybe I wasn’t who I was supposed to be.

I searched for the emptiness inside and tried to put that flame out but I did not know how.

The Marine Corps allowed me to find my tribe and excel but when I had a freak injury and that too took a toll on my mental well being.

I had to leave what I was good at and searched for what was next, as a Veteran It’s tough to reintegrate into a society that does not understand you one bit.

I started The Winners Paradigm to help people who are currently battling to improve and calibrate their mindset so they can achieve their definition of success.

And even collaborated with one of my mentors to start a media company that aligns Alpha Podcasters/Alpha Entrepreneurs with their ideal shows and guests to maximize their influence

I can talk for days on mindset, tools to succeed, addiction, trauma, coping mechanisms, how adapting allows me to do well in business, sales, and so much more!

This podcast is the true definition of what it means to find answers and level up!

Here's to helping others recalibrate their mindset so they can achieve their definition of success.