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Episode 62

Great content and the questions were precise!!!

Alundas = Legend!

This is an amazing show! Alundas is an extremely smart individual who cares about helping others succeed. I love the transparency that he shares from and the way he draws that same transparency out of guests. A gift of a podcast! I highly recommend it.

Wow I am impressed!

I have to say… this is a great, informative and life changing type of show. It brings the real and raw content from people who nugget of fire in each episode. I hear Alundas dedication to giving people a leg up and real life hacks that create a winning life. Love it!

Next level!

This podcast is a great one for leveling up and forming a winning mentality!

Powerful Content!

Alundas is dialed in with insightful guests and a great conversational style that keeps the conversation flowing. Highly recommend you start consuming this podcast today!

Alundas really brings the energy!

I love the amount of energy Alundas brings to the shows and the thoughtfullness in each question! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your wisdom!


Alundas knows how to bring the fire! If your looking to bring change in your life tune into this podcast to get a glimpse into how the experts are making massive change. Thank you Alundas for bringing massive value week after week!


THIS SHOW WILL CHANGE IT ALL!!! So many of is are looking to hit that next level - next level in business, in life, in relationships… But we stay stuck in the same situations and circumstances, not because we don’t want to change, but because just simply know how. This show is the beginning of changing that FOREVER in your life! The guests on the show are world class at what they do, and Alundas Havens expert at extracting the most valuable information they have… And how the listener can apply it to their life in an actionable way, right away! Big shout out to Alundas for putting this together week in and week out! I’ll always be tuning in! Marshal LIVE

mr. motivativated

A motivational podcast, to be sure! Winners only become winners through hard work, dedication, and acquired skill. Paradigm makes this abundantly clear! Brilliant podcast!!

mr. motivativated

A motivational podcast, to be sure! Winners only become winners through hard work, dedication, and acquired skill. Talent helps. But most of all, mindset is key. The Winners Paradigm makes this abundantly clear! Brilliant podcast!!

Great show!

Very insightful and motivating for those wanting more out of their career. Love the deep dive into the psychology of it all as well! A must listen!!

Great show

I love the practical knowledge this show gives. Highly recommend for entrepreneurs and sales professionals


If you are ready to level up and be inspired and motivated, this podcast is for you!!


This podcast is great if your looking for a mindset shift in your entrepreneurial journey. Learn from experts and their mistakes so you don’t have to make your own. Your brain is so powerful, so listening to this kind of content helps reprogram your thinking for success!

I am sold

Just looking at the show titles and I can tell that this is my kind of show. Excited to listen to them all.


The guests are varied and intriguing. I am super excited for more episodes.

Real perspective

Alundas has great perspective on life and what it takes to be successful.

A podcast that challenges your thinking

I love this podcast for providing us with not just information but inviting us to also think differently so we can change the situation we’re in.

Terrific Podcast

Insightful and entertaing, giving the best of every thing. Well worth the time t listen.


As a self employed individual, I appreciate a great show like this one, reminding me to keep striving and growing to achieve & exceed my goals. Alundas comes with passion & wisdom every episode. Quality, concise content 🔥

Great listen

Proud and happy to hear an amazing podcast from my friend Alundas! Continue striving for your goals and dreams brotha. This episode was a great listen with in depth knowledge I can use forever. Thanks for opportunity to expand my mind and wish you the best!

Podcast review!

Great podcast to enjoy driving home after a long day at work!! Just a great guy also!!

Keep’n it real

Excited to watch these podcast pick up traction! Just finished the intro and all I can say is wow! The tone is set, and your vulnerability to expose how you used to be can only be the set up for how far you’ve come and will go in the future! Keep it up boss!!


Awesome content truly riveting. Total game changer.

Pretty Solid

Positive Message, Great Host, excited to see how the podcast will grow in the future.

🤓 Nerdin' out with Alundas

Great listen! SO many good nuggets for the entrepreneur in all of us


Awesome podcast cant wait for more episodes to come!

Amazing show. Must listen

Alundas is an amazing host and does a great job with this show. If you want to level up and achieve the next step in your life then this is the show for you.

Top 3 Podcast out!

The more you know! Dropping a lot of gems to grow your business’

A must!

Great podcast! Will keep you educated and very interesting!